So many great mid-winter activities on Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is just as (or possibly more) ineresting during winter as it is in summer. We have the key information to help you enjoy the island during the peaceful part of the calendar. To name a few:

- This is the best time of year for specials and deals. We can help you take advantage

- Any time of year is great to come make friends with our alpacas!

- Local cafes/bars have weekely happy hours which include live music and free nibbles 

- Several local theatrical companies (domestic and exotic) put on regular shows including comedy evenings, Shakespear plays, live music....the list goes on...

- Wine tours are an island favourite and these can be accessed all year around. The hours can be limited so check with us first.

- Due to climatic abnormalities, the beaches here are significantly warmer than those on the mainland. We kept swimming till mid-June this year and some locals are still swimming through mid-July.

- But the greatest thing is perhaps the lack of crowds this time of year. Gone are the days of the shopkeepers closing up completely over winter but you will quickly notice how chilled out the island is during off-season months. It's the best time to meet some locals and soak up the winter sun.